Accident Reconstruction Engineering Consultants, Inc.

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Providing engineering expertise for your legal argument.

A-REC (Accident Reconstruction Engineering Consultants) and Steve M. Bailo, PE will provide quality investigation and engineering analysis of accidents and accurate accident reconstructions, engineering analysis, expert testimony and litigation support for legal arguments from case initiation through resolution, including trial.

Accident Reconstruction

We are equipped to accurately and completely investigate and document the physical evidence found on the vehicles involved in the crash and located at the site of the accident. A-REC consultants and engineers are prepared to inspect or survey an accident site within days of the event occurring. We have Robotic Total Station survey equipment to digitally map out the evidence at a crash site, including tire marks, gouges, debris and more. We are prepared to inspect the accident vehicle(s) and compare them to exemplar vehicles as needed.

A-REC consultants and engineers will compile this data and perform an accident reconstruction analysis, occupant kinematic analyses, time-motion analyses and other relevant studies. We have the experience and equipment to use photogrammetric techniques to extract data when traditional methods are not possible.

Engineering Services

We have experienced and competent professional engineers to complete an accident reconstruction and coordinate any other testing, demonstrations and analyses required. At A-REC we use engineering and physics based methods to perform vehicle studies, tests and demonstrations. At A-REC we can provide full-scale trial exhibits and 3D FARO-Arm digitizing of vehicles.

Litigation Support

Steve has testified as an expert witness in numerous trials and depositions and has a reputation for accurate, quality work.

Trial Exhibit Preparation

We are dedicated to supporting all aspects of a trial by supervising and/or providing trial exhibits such as full-scale bucks, models, animations and more. At A-REC we will prepare photographic enlargements, color shaded scene diagrams and 3D vehicle and scene models. We are dedicated to providing the help you need to make your legal argument understood.

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